KUTU Beard Grooming Experts

Brand Design

Brand identity / Brand & Product Naming / Brand Storytelling / logo design / stationery / print media / art direction / package design / labelling

KUTU Beard Grooming Experts are a men's cosmetics startup who commissioned us to develop their brand and design their product line.

We sat with KUTU beard grooming experts and listened to their story. We were more than excited to partner with them to help develop their brand from concept to creation.

The history behind their name and being able to tell the story of their brand is what we did best while working with them. It was important to encapsulate the right adinkra (symbols from Ghana that represent aphorisms) symbols into their logo and packaging.



Well what can I say... All I thought I would get is a logo. But Numen Fort listened to my story, and helped me illustrate my story. They advised me on the direction to take in order to propel my brand into an already saturated market. The way they were able to convey the brand using the story and history behind the brand, including what the symbolism represented was amazing to say the least. Every time I show people my brand, I look forward to telling them what the logo stands for. Wow! Thanks Numen Fort!
Ignatius Kutu
Managing Director - KUTU Beard Grooming Experts
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