Brand Design

Brand identity / Brand Strategy / Brand Storytelling / art direction / package design / Labelling

Rodney Brooks is a startup launching his fragrance line Egalite and partnered with us to design and develop his brand.

We worked with Rodney to help him develop the right fragrance for his target market. Putting both our visions together, we then worked on the bottle and packaging.

Thinking of the todays woman, we brainstormed empowering words that helped shape the unique and bold design and style of both the perfume cap, bottle, logo, and box.



I had the pleasure of working with Numen Fort who surprisingly, did more for me than I ever expected. They were very thorough and although at times, it seemed quite overwhelming due to my lack of experience in the field, they were very reassuring every step of the way. They helped me understand my market, and what I needed to do. I was able to be much more prepared than originally anticipated. I was amazed at how they understood my vision and went above and beyond to create something simple yet absolutely stunning!
Rodney Brooks
Owner - Egalite
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